Chat with your contacts on any computer without installing any IM Client




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Are you using a computer which is not yours and you want to chat with your friends and you have realised the IM client you need is not installed? Sure you have ever felt this. From now on, you will not have any problem, because MessengerFX offers you the way to chat with your contacts without having to install anything.

Yes, MessengerFX is the online IM client for Yahoo, Gtalk, AIM and WLM (MSN). Perfect. You only have to access MessengerFX and enter login and password of the IM network.

Then, you'll enjoy all IM features as if you were using the common client, but online.

If you plan to use it as your IM client yu can even personalize it, edit groups and more.

A full featured web-based IM client for free.
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